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Student Teaching K-12 Special Educ (SPD 470)

Term: 2013-2014 Academic Year Fall Term


Donna M Johnson
Office Hours:
  • Office hours change each semester. Please refer to current syllabi or reach me by texting or calling my cell (605.321.0741).


    Students will student teach for 70 actual school days, under the supervision of a certified special education teacher. The student teacher will be assigned to an elementary placement for 35 days and secondary placement for 35 days. This course is part of the professional semester and is taken along with a two-credit seminar, which is part of the 16 hours for degree students. Students may enroll in the seminar either immediately preceding or one-semester before student teaching. Students also meet druing the professaionl semester for seminar requirements. This course is offered Credit/No credit only. The DWU Student Teacher Handbook and seminar syllabus serve as the course syllabus. Prerequisites: Completion of all coursework required for graduation, 2.7 GPA, acceptance from the education department faculty and approval for student teaching placement.