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Dakota Wesleyan University maintains its own cable television system in conjunction with Midcontinent Communications.  Basic Cable TV is provided to each dormitory room for our students. 
Cable TV jacks are available in each dorm room in Dayton Hall.  Allen Hall has jacks in each sleeping room as well as the common room in all pods.  The Apartments have a cable jack in each sleeping area as well as the common living area.  The Grandy House has cable jacks in all sleeping rooms as well as the common living area.  TV's are also available in the lounges within the dorms for community viewing.

Getting Started

For those people that have a digital ready TV you will need to rescan for channels when you hook your television up.  Usually all flat screen TVs would be digital ready and older box like glass screen TVs would not be.

Digital Ready TVs (rescanning for channels - Your options may differ)
   1.   Go into the TVs menu
   2.   Find the section that mentions channels
   3.   Make sure if your TV has an option for Cable TV or Antenna that you choose the Cable TV
   4.   Choose the option to scan for channels

Analog TVs
   1.   You will need a digital converter box for your TV.  This can be picked up at the Help Desk Office located in Room 207 of Smith Hall.
         The Help Desk Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.
   2.   You will need to set your TV to channel 3 and connect the digital converter between the wall outlet and your TV. 
   3.   Once attached, you may need to activate your digital converter by calling 877-886-5107.  Your activation code will be 11715.

Basic Cable Box Guide
Premium options are available through Midcontinent including:
  •    Sports Channels
  •    Pay-per-view and onDemand
  •    Premium movie packages (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, etc.)
  •    DVR
  •    High Definition, etc
You will need to contact Midcontinent Communications directly to setup premium services at 800-888-1300 or visit the local Midcontinent Store at 1801 N Main St, Suite 27, Mitchell SD 57301 .

Try these steps!

  • Check your wall jack - Is the jack in good condition?  Does it have cracks or damage to the face plate?  Is the connector piece bent or pushed into the wall?
  • Be sure your television is Cable Ready - If your television is not cable ready you will need to run your signal through a cable receiver box (this can be picked up at the help desk office in Smith Hall - Room 207), VCR, or DVD player.  In order to do this set your television to Channel 3 and run the cable from the jack to device you are using as a receiver into its input.  You will need to run another cable from the receiver output into your television.
  • Check your cables - be sure your television is plugged into an electrical outlet and that you have a good connection from the wall jack to your television.  A quick way to test your cable is to find a friend or neighbor that is currently receiving a good cable signal and swap out the cable that runs from the cable jack to the television.  If this does not resolve the problem then you may also need to try swapping out the television as well.
  • Gaming Systems - If you have a gaming system hooked to your television you may need to unhook it from your system to be sure it is not interferring with your cable signal or connections.
  • Ask around - be sure that you are not the only one having a problem with your cable signal.  Ask your neighbors to be sure that the problem isn't affecting more than just your connection.
  • Multiple Devices - Connecting multiple devices to one cable jack, along with VCR's, DVD players and Gaming Systems can cause low signal strength and/or distortion which can cause poor picture quality.
You have tried all the steps listed above and you are still experiencing poor cable quality or no cable service - please email with the following information
  • Your name and a room mates name
  • Dorm
  • Room Number
  • Phone number for both you and your room mate
  • Times in your schedule that you will be in your room for us to come and work on the problem
  • Give us a good description of what the problem is and what steps you have taken to troubleshoot the problem