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Print Quotas
Printing at DWU is provided as part of your tuition.  There has been a significant increase in printing use, and also a significant paper and toner cost.  The cost of paper, the printers require toner, maintenance items, and occasionally repair and replacement.  Several bins of paper containing unclaimed internet printing are thrown away each week.  To minimize this waste and promote responsible printing, a print quota will be given to each student at the start of each semester.  This is a declining balance for each page printed, and this balance is based on a 25 page per day usage.  There is no daily limit, however you should monitor your usage by occasionally logging on to a computer on campus to prevent the possibility of interrupted printing at the end of the semester.  An 'overdraft' is enabled to allow the completion of a document if you are near a zero balance.  If you need to recharge your balance, you may do so in $5 increments.  You will need to go to the Business Office and make a payment.  They will then notify the help desk of your payment and your account will be credited.  Balances are not refundable, nor do they carry over between semesters.  Each balance is reset on the first official day of class.

The cost per page is posted at each printer, and is currently set as follows:
Black and White printers:$.10 per page
Color printers:$.50 per page
A color laser printer is available for use on the main floor in the Library.  You may access this printer from any of the lab computers on campus.

PaperCut Clients:
Client (Windows)
Balance Sidebar Gadget (Windows)
Environmental Impact Sidebar Gadget (Windows)
Client (Mac)
Copying is available on both floors of the McGovern Library through coin operated copy machines. Copies cost $.10 per page and can be paid with coins or cash. If you have questions about using the self-service copiers (e.g., reducing or enlarging copies) or are experiencing problems (e.g., paper jams, out of paper or toner), visit the Circulation Desk.