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Student Phone Access

All student dorm rooms are equipped with a phone jack for student use.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide the phone for their room.  
To use your dorm room phone you will need to request that the phone jack be activated by emailing  Once the jack has been activated you will then be able to plug a phone into the jack.  
Each student room has a direct dial extension assigned.  This number will be provided to you by the Help Desk once the request to have the jack activated has been completed.
When you pick the phone up and have a dial tone, dial 9 to get an outside line.  You then can dial any local number (local call is any one in the Mitchell calling area).  You will need to purchase a calling card to make long distance calls.
Voice mail is provided on each extension.  To retrieve voice mail you need to dial 2190 and input the last 4 digits of your extension (example if your extension is 995-2600 your voice box would be 2600).  The voice mail system will ask you the first time you log in to set a password. 
If you have any problems with the phone jack or phone service please contact the Help Desk at 995-2697 or email .